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Call us for expert advice on 0330 133 8453
Call us for expert advice on 0330 133 8453


Welcome to the Luxe Fires Community, a place where inspiration comes to life. We are incredibly proud of our customers and the incredible ways they have transformed their living and outdoor areas with the luxury products they found at our store. Here, we invite you to explore their stories and gain inspiration for your own space.


We believe that the best way to understand the impact of our products is by witnessing the transformations they have brought to our customers' lives. From elegant fire pits that have become the focal point of memorable gatherings to stunning fireplaces that infuse warmth and charm into cozy living rooms, the possibilities are truly endless.


Every image shared here tells a unique story—a story of passion, creativity, and the desire to create an extraordinary outdoor oasis. These snapshots capture the magic of Luxe Fires' products as they harmonize with various design aesthetics, from sleek and modern to rustic and cozy.


Our community of customers has embraced the art of outdoor living, and we are thrilled to showcase their achievements. As you browse through these inspiring images, envision how you can transform your own living space with our carefully curated collection of luxury fire pits, fireplaces, and firepit furniture.


We encourage you to join our community by sharing your own Luxe Fires transformation. Show us how our products have become an integral part of your outdoor living experience. Share the joy of cozy gatherings, the beauty of elegant design, and the warmth of captivating flames.


We are excited to feature your stories and inspire others to embark on their own journey of creating remarkable outdoor spaces. Let's connect, share, and celebrate the magic of Luxe Fires together.


If you would like to be featured in our Luxe Fires Community and inspire others with your transformation, simply submit your photos and a brief description of how our products have enhanced your living or outdoor area. We can't wait to see your creativity come to life!


Thank you for being a part of our Luxe Fires Community. Together, let's continue to ignite inspiration and transform outdoor living spaces into breathtaking retreats.

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