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GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast Silver

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£2,590.00 - £2,590.00
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Classic two-stack BBQ-smoker Smoky Beast Silver for you to enjoy the best taste experiences. The smoker is handmade of stainless steel and Corten steel. For the purposes of BBQ roasting, the smoker can be heated using firewood or grill briquette. Additionally, you have the possibility of using the smoker as a charcoal grill. If the heat comes from the fireplace for BBQ smoking or baking, then for grilling, you will have a special charcoal tub that is installed under the grates.

The stainless steel body and the red-brown colour of Cor-Ten steel fireplace match in a striking way. The Smoky Beast Silver clearly stands out with its impressive appearance from other BBQ smokers.

The BBQ-Smoker does not need to be stored inside or covered for winter as Corten and stainless steel can withstand harsh weather conditions. Steel is also able to withstand temperature fluctuations – so there is no need to fear if the smoker will break or crack.


  • Smoky Beast Silver is larger in capacity than the largest models of Kamado Ceramic Smokers (designated as XL, Big Joe / Pro Joe).
  • The total area of two grates is 5865 cm2.


  • The Cooking space is made out of 3 mm stainless steel
  • The fireplace is made of 3 mm Corten steel
  • The cooking space and the fireplace are separable, stacks are separable.
  • BBQ-Smoker is not coloured.
  • Unbreakable hinges (made of 5 mm stainless steel).
  • Cooking space 70 x 50 cm.
  • Two grates on different planes with following dimensions: 69×49 cm and 69×36 cm. Material is stainless steel.
  • Capacity: two trays with ca 20 kg of culinary ribs can be fitted on the two grates simultaneously.
  • Stacks on each side ensure the even distribution of heat.
  • Water is added to the water bath through a special pipe and the smoker does not need to be opened for that.
  • Grease drains out of the smoker along a drain and drips into a special drip bucket.
  • Both stacks have dampers at the top of them to regulate the temperature inside the smoker.
  • The BBQ-smoker has an external thermometer (on a scale of 0-300 C).
  • Depth of the fireplace is 48 cm, the bottom of it is a grate of cast iron.
  • The front of the fireplace has a 20×20 cm cooktop for heating mop-sauces.
  • The door can be locked in two positions – this offers a good way for regulating temperature.
  • Door of the fireplace has a double wall and it is thus more heat-resistant.
  • Weight: 101 kg 



  • Lead time for delivery is 5-7 working days
  • 2 year guarantee period

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