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Call us for expert advice on 0330 133 8453
Call us for expert advice on 0330 133 8453

The Kensington Collection

Where Opulence Meets Al Fresco Comfort

Inspired by the regal charm of London's Kensington, this collection marries opulence with outdoor comfort. Each piece is a testament to craftsmanship, meticulously designed to grace your open spaces. Crafted from premium aluminium and adorned with sumptuous fabrics, the Kensington Collection is a symphony of luxury and functionality.
Design Your Statement:
Tailor your outdoor haven with our bespoke service. Select the perfect metal finish and cushion fabric to align with your vision. Whether it's a vibrant statement or a subtle, sophisticated palette, the Kensington Collection brings your design to life.
Exquisite Craftsmanship:
The intricate metalwork of the Kensington Collection is a nod to the architectural marvels of Kensington. Every curve and detail is sculpted with precision, ensuring a blend of form and function. The premium fabrics offer a tactile experience that complements the visual opulence.
Experience outdoor living at its most regal. With the Kensington Collection, you're not just furnishing a space; you're creating an experience of unparalleled luxury.

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